Next Meeting: June 5th 2014 - 7pm

Welcome to PHP London

PHP London is the UK's largest PHP user group dedicated to promoting knowledge sharing and best practice amongst PHP profesionals in the London area.

Our monthly meetup is held at Doggett's Coat and Badge Pub on the first Thursday of every month. With more than 100 attendees you can meet PHP users, developers and recruiters and exchange ideas, talk about code or even try and find yourself a job. Anyone interested in PHP is welcome!

Upcoming Meetups

First Thursday of Every Month

Dogget's Coat and Badge Pub

  • 7pm - Informal drinks, snacks, chat
  • 8pm - Talk starts
  • 9pm onwards - more drinks, snacks, chat

May 1st 2014

John Le Drew

Docker: The only thing it can't contain is your excitement

Docker is an exciting new project that automates the deployment of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtually anywhere; like a virtual machine on steroids. In this talk I will introduce Docker, why you should be excited about it and show you how it will change your universe!

John has been working in web development since 2000 with PHP and other technologies, spending most of his time helping clients; from small startups to multi-nationals solve complex software development problems. Now, working as an independent consultant he spends a lot of his time helping start-ups and running training courses in software development and agile development methodologies.

June 5th 2014

Ciarán Rooney

Migrating to a microframework with 40 million users in tow

The talk will take us through us an existing legacy stack consisting of Drupal 5, PHP 5.1 and some hodge-podge XML "APIs". Then on to how this was migrated to a modern Service Orientated Architecture with PHP 5.5 and the Slim Framework. Finally it will cover a brief introduction to Slim and why to chose a microframework.

Ciarán is the CTO of busuu, an entrepreneur, mentor, advisor and conference speaker. busuu is the world’s largest social network for learning languages with over 45 million users and 20 million app downloads from over 200 different countries. Previously he was CTO of Skimlinks he led the technical innovation for Skimlinks' products and the platform's infrastructure. Before joining Skimlinks, Ciarán worked in Ireland as Head of Engineering at one of the country's largest mobile communications companies. He also worked as a freelance developer before establishing Weeno Ltd, a web application and design company. Ciarán was a Director of PHP London and co-organiser of the PHP UK Conference from 2011-2014.