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Our monthly meetup is held at Doggett's Coat and Badge Pub on the first Thursday of every month. With more than 100 attendees you can meet PHP users, developers and recruiters and exchange ideas, talk about code or even try and find yourself a job. Anyone interested in PHP is welcome!

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7th May 2015

Kacper Gunia

Forget about index.php and build applications around HTTP!

As developers we are asked to implement really challenging and complicated tasks, so it's easy to forget that in reality we need to solve only one problem - transform a Request into a Response. PHP and HTTP are really well suited to this task because of their statelessness, but how can we leverage it and which practises are the best?

During this talk we will take a look into Symfony2 architecture and see how its components are built around Design Patterns that solve problems and fulfil our specific needs.

About Kacper Gunia

Kacper Gunia works as Software Engineer and Trainer for SensioLabs UK in London. He is a Symfony Certified Developer with 5 years of experience with framework. Passionate about TDD/BDD, huge believer in Open Source and Agile practitioner.

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